Thursday, June 20, 2013

Safety Jumps

Snowsports Safety Research Fellowship - University of Washington from Jeff Campbell on Vimeo.

As long as you have good knees and a back in-tact, park yumping is so much stinkin' fun. But it only takes one really bad fck up to ruin park jumps forever. This dude Jeff Campbell, a Stevens Pass loc who I've never met, is out to help improve the design of park booters. I personally know that Stevens Pass could use improvements, especially since they have tons of potential for a super jump line through the waterfall run.

I do think jumps exists that are designed to be safer. Check out some of Mammoth and Keystone edits. Those landings are built so it's difficult to overshoot and the long and tall wedges are built for smooth, controlled airtime. The pushed up knuckle "step-up/over" style certainly helps with a smooth transition and less injuries. Watch some X-Games big air - huge ass wedge, big gap, smooth landing - like they hardly even left the ground.

Anyway I think what this guy has got going on is rad and I'm down with it. Hopefully it will help cut down serious injuries, but at the same time I hope it won't take away from our airtime.

For the article check out Icicle TV.


  1. dude, ride at snoqualmie park and tell me about park booters needing improvement. stevens park booters have been solid for a long time.

    full disclosure: i only ride powder

    1. I'm not complaining about the Stevens jumps at all.. I have fun no matter what on those things. It'd be rad to see them maximize their potential out of those natural landings. Back to the days when waterfall was scary big..

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    1. The boosty air-time board tweaking activity