Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mt Hood | CAMPiTA | 2013

Camping in the woods with buds + Mt Hood + HCSC = A quality FK'n time. Beside getting kicked off the hill the first day me and Ranger arrived (for hiking up,) we certainly had a pretty sweet time shredding in an exclusive snowboard environment (High Cascade). Fun shredding, spectating and bullshitting with a bunch of new homies.  Thanks Capita for making this fun happen!

A sweet viddy from the trip by Dr. B of YAWGOONS

Lot Lurk
Waxed and Shreddy
Ranger corking the funny boater

Kevin Hanson was there shredding HCSC
Kevin is fun to watch. Method
Nappy with the after-shred activity
Torrential downpour? --> Go to Charlie's,
Kill some buck
Danger P catching din
In da Trees
Heavens Doorway

Burning Fuel
Fun booter! P. Jake Hanson

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Video Picks

A trifecta of boarding videos for the week.

These guys make snowboarders look like huge wussies. Favorite line 0:52

Tadashi Fuse is doing things right. Sending it with the snowshoes.

This one went viral. The heli-plant was straight outta Tony Hawk Pro Skater. This dude is a legend!