Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello Interweb crawlers!

Welcome to the new Wainsworld blog (former/photo blog here)

My name is Matt Wainhouse, originally from Bothell, WA, and a Marketing Student at Western Washington University.

This blog will be dedicated to content based on my life which is dominated by my love of shredding powder (snowboarding). I'll do my best to post photos, videos, and written out thoughts of boardin' and my other takes on life.

I'll start this one off by posting a shameless self promotion of some airtime at Stevens Pass (the home mountain-base).

SwB5/Stevens Pass/Photo: Kevin Hanson
Sweet. Now that's out of the way.. your going to need to follow my Vimeo page right now. Throughout the shred season I'll keep you up to date on how much better we have it here in the Northwest, by showing you some mouth-watering pow edits. Like this one..

Grass-root style of videos featuring legendary riders and locals you've never heard of.. ripping powder like pros.

So keep up with this blog to get some quality, original shred media that you won't find on Transworld. And comment, give me your thoughts, or talk some shit. Have fun.


  1. HAIKU 4 U:

    internet weblog
    boardriding and pics and words
    i like shredwainsworld

  2. Rad edit Matt! Day dreaming of powder shralpin!