Thursday, April 3, 2014

A blog post

Living in the woods all winter made it tough to update this blog so this post will include all the videos I've made from 2014. First up, a park edit from last week. Had to bust out Devin's old Sony VX2000 so I could try to mimic snowboarding videos during the Y2K era..

Here's the last time this camera saw park jumps. (Made in 2003)


One day on the hill mid-Feb.. Dusted off the Electric Wu Tang with TANG and sent 'er


Ken Kelley was a true Soul Shredder. Can't believe he is gone. I was lucky to get the last footy ever of this Stevens Pass Legend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Part 3: Let it Storm.

Had fun making this one.. you can hate all you want on the fx and song choice.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My people.. Killing it.

Ian Wood does some pretty amazing things. He knows how to work hard, snowboard, travel, make allies and come up with some really good ideas in which he makes happen. This video was featured on and Ian wrote an incredible story that became a 2-page feature in October issue of Snowboarder Magazine. I highly recommend checking it out. Here is his adventure in the Himalayas with Jordo. Special effects editing by Cory Rain.

Next, take a minute to watch and vote for Eric Miller's documentation of this next generation of SP kids. We've developed a feeling of camaraderie between us and constantly push each other for progression. Eric is insanely creative, he has an epic style of editing and this video is well deserving of being up for a ColdSmoke Award.. So watch it, enjoy it, and give us a vote!
>>  >>  << <<

And third, Jordan had a really cool gallery showing at Evo this past Friday. I was stoked to have an image be a part of it, along side friends. Jordo is always up for an adventure or a new project and attacks with a unique angle. He's due for another cover.

And this is what happens when Redbull and vodka are consumed with friends late at night.

Can't wait to shred. That is all.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Government DeRock Jam.

October 5th. We roll into the P-lot and there are lots of cars. We see skier dads getting ready to go shralp, while me and RyBo joke about it knowing it's only a rail jam session. But huge thanks to Stevens Pass (Joel, Nate, Jules and crew), C3: CAPiTA - Union - Coal (WWD), and Casual for making riding Hogs and jibbin' tubes possible! In fact, I decided to not pay for the $12 for a single ride up Hogs, and I was stoked to walk up. When I got to the top of the lift, at about 10 am, I was pretty amazed to see how many people actually were already there. This looked like the rail version of the Mt Baker Sesh-Up.

Not a rail jam
I decided to shoot the shit for a few minutes with all the faces I haven't seen over the summer. And then I look up at Cowboy, and there is Hot Lava Snowboarding, RyRy and RDub, hiking up "ArMonty's" line. So Ian, his girl Dani and myself decided to catch up to them. Hiking up through the rock gardens with about a foot and a half of snow covering thousands of big ass rocks made for a tricky, but fun hike up, and an even a more ridiculous time getting down.

Hiking up our lines

We caught up to the post-holers, about 50 feet from the top of the ridge was RDub, not able to hike any higher up the steep chute. We each took a line mid way down the open 7th Heaven terrain, slashing the shmooy pow and popping of snowy rocks and trees.

As far up ArMonty's we could get. @deweydyslexia
@rwmclaughlin jammed on this rock!
We then hiked up a normally mellow chute to the top of Cowboy. We got a good look of our familiar surroundings, in a different stage. Actually we ended up shredding down the normal boot pack, to the 7th off-ramp, to jump off that thing a couple times.

The dirty pillows await..
Her last go down Cowboy

The ride back down towards the event was extremely fun, but so sketchy at the same time. Mandatory rock boards. Biggest, longest "pillow" run of my life. Lots of scraping, smashing and falling. We were all lucky to get out of there unscathed.

Ian charging. No gloves needed for these pillows

After watching final minutes of this now muddy, rail jam session, a crew of locs (RyRy, RDub, Tone, Peppa, Goodell, Roy, TClaught, JBone, and others) decided not to catch the last lift to download. Instead we figured we will all chug beers while taking one of the bike trails down! Although this turned into mainly dirt, rock and roots, this shit was the most fun part of the day. Don't fall, because it will hurt, don't turn, because you need all the speed you can get. The crew made as far as the traces of snow allowed us to, and my TFA went the way of the dinosaurs as she finally cracked all the way through the base. (She's been on her last life for the past few shredding days anyway). I wish I was able to take some pics of the final run down, but was way too occupied managing the bike trail, the bridges, the dirt and rock, and of course my beer.

All in all, this preseason session was a damn fun day and a great way to kick off a season.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Part 1 Leaked.

I've been working on a project the past few months. I needed to do something with all the GoBro footy that we stacked last seas, so I decided to make a movie. Since I had really no agenda or story, and I am using lots of mediocre footy, I asked around and figured the parts should be broken up and released one at a time.

I made lots of progress with Final Cut Express, which I've used for the past 3 years, and have been way overdue for a better program. I pretty much finished up all the viddys and uploaded the first part online. Then, as I expected, the quality of the shots sucked. I couldn't take it anymore so I looked into using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 30 day free trial, re-edited the entire first part, quality much improved. When uploading my 5th tester video on Vimeo, I forgot to change the privacy settings and I took off for the weekend. 

I got home, seeing the video with about 2,000 hits and posted on a bunch of blogs. I was bummed, especially after seeing one of the clips with a message across the screen saying "Clip not analyzed" or some shit. But since then, I've kept the thing online and have replaced it about 5 more times and may continue to do so until I find the best quality I can. I don't think I'll ever be perfectly happy with the way these edits turn out online, but winter is coming so it's time to pump these babies out. 5 parts remain. For now, enjoy Part 1: Friends on a Pow Day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mt Hood | CAMPiTA | 2013

Camping in the woods with buds + Mt Hood + HCSC = A quality FK'n time. Beside getting kicked off the hill the first day me and Ranger arrived (for hiking up,) we certainly had a pretty sweet time shredding in an exclusive snowboard environment (High Cascade). Fun shredding, spectating and bullshitting with a bunch of new homies.  Thanks Capita for making this fun happen!

A sweet viddy from the trip by Dr. B of YAWGOONS

Lot Lurk
Waxed and Shreddy
Ranger corking the funny boater

Kevin Hanson was there shredding HCSC
Kevin is fun to watch. Method
Nappy with the after-shred activity
Torrential downpour? --> Go to Charlie's,
Kill some buck
Danger P catching din
In da Trees
Heavens Doorway

Burning Fuel
Fun booter! P. Jake Hanson